Mathematics is a subject which is loved by many but there are some who hate to study mathematics. To excel in mathematics one has to solve lots and lots of problems on a regular basis. Most people try to study mathematics by remembering formulas and equations the way people memorize dates and facts in history.

Create a distraction free environment:

Mathematics is a subject which requires more concentration and attention when compared to other subjects. Make sure your study place has sufficient amount of light so that you can read the texts printed in your textbook.

Understanding Doubts:

Sometimes you can get stuck trying to solve a part of a question. At this moment, most of the students skip that question and try to solve a new question. Students should try not to skip the questions and should spend time trying to understand the process of solving the problem.

Join a Study Group:

Different people have different perspectives to solving a question. Something which is tough to you may be is easier for someone else. If everyone in the group is confused about the solution then it is better to consult the subject teacher.

Mobile Applications:

There are plenty of mobile applications available in the app store which are specially developed for a particular subject or for a particular topic. One can download and study from these applications. Suppose you are solving some problems of NCERT class 8 mathematics, then you can download a mobile app that has NCERT Solutions For Class 8.

Reward Yourself:

Set a goal for yourself before you start studying, and treat yourself for completing those daily goals. Doing these will encourage you to solve more questions on a daily basis, and mathematics is subject that requires lots and lots of practice. One can solve lots of questions from the NCERT class 10 textbooks and if one is stuck while solving the questions then one can refer to NCERT solutions websites or books.


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