English is often described as “the language of opportunity”. It is the most widely spoken language. Around 196 countries use English as their official language. Learning English is important as all over the world it is used as the main language. According to the school syllabus, children start learning English at a young age right from kindergarten. During the summer vacation, you can find students preparing themselves to join English speaking course in places where it is not a part of the school language. Institut Linguistique is one of the best places to start with. Here are five good reasons to enroll in English language course this summer.

English Will Open up More Opportunities

As you know, English is the most widely used language. Fluency in this language will allow you to communicate effectively in numerous countries. You don’t have to worry about communicating when you travel to an English-speaking country. If you are looking for a career in airline, tourism or travel industry, English will boost you up among all.

You Can Be More Desirable to Employers

If you are good in English communication, then you can grab the attention of many prospective employers. No matter what your mother tongue is, adding English to your CV always has an added advantage. In corporate life, English is referred to as “the language of business”. So, if you are fluent at it you are an asset for the organization.

You can deal with business meetings, handle your valuable customers and also lend your hands in the field of marketing.

English Helps in Improving Your Confidence

Starting from the scratch is always tough, but once you are through it, English will boost up your confidence level and reduce your negative feelings. Communication is the medium for making new friends and it is an important way to prepare yourself for a social life.

English Allows You to Attend International Conferences

Most of sporting events such as cricket, football and the most important Olympics conferences are held in English. Most of the international conferences are also conducted in English. So, competitors need to be able to speak English in order to convey the message. If you are good at English, then you can easily understand the discussions and make use of the advantage of the forum by increasing your social connectivity.


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